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China lithium ion battery market share has more than South Korea trend

 China lithium ion battery material industry is entering a period of rapid development, electric vehicles are the future direction of development of the automotive industry, the industry is expected to say, China's lithium ion battery material industry goals beyond South Korea's share.

According to global market research firm B3 21, said in 2015, mobile phone and IT lithium-ion battery industry has completed a total output reached 5 billion 72 million cell, compared with the previous year (4 billion 760 million cell) increased by 7.8%.

With the popularity of electric buses and spare batteries, lithium-ion battery industry is undoubtedly the new energy in the forefront of the global market in terms of new energy. It is reported that the lithium-ion battery is a two battery (rechargeable batteries), it is mainly rely on the positive and negative ions between the anode and the cathode movement to work. Battery is generally used as the electrode material containing lithium elements, is the representative of modern high-performance battery.

According to the company, last year, South Korea's Samsung SDI in the lithium-ion battery industry's market share of 25.2%, production reached 1 billion 278 million cell, ranking first in the world. LG Chemistry (860 million cell) in the lithium ion battery industry market share of 17%, ranked second.

Followed by Japan's Matsushita, with a share of 14.7% (744 million cell) ranked third, China's ATL with a share of 11.4% (580 million cell) ranked fourth, Japan's SONY ranked fifth (433 million cell) 8.5%.

Industry analysts said, the original Chinese in batteries, television, television screens, mobile phone, IT semiconductor technology is relatively backward in South Korea and Japan, but the recent Chinese lithium-ion battery industry has exceeded Japan, threatening South korea. China lithium carbonate prices continued to rise, the relevant lithium ion battery industry once again strong.

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