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Ministry of construction power battery research and development platform for new energy vehicles to meet the bonus

 In February 25th, the Ministry of industry minister Miao Wei pointed out that the power battery technology determines the vehicle's performance, the quality and safety of success, the Ministry of industry jointly inside and outside the industry nine companies, currently has invested capital of 500 million yuan, is the formation of the power battery research institute or battery research and development platform.
State Council executive meeting made before the day, from the power battery, charging infrastructure, financial subsidies and other five aspects to further support the development of new energy automotive industry.
Promote the industry towards the middle and high end
Whether from the breadth or depth, the executive meeting of the State Council on the development of new energy automotive industry is of great significance. In 2015, China has become the world's largest new energy vehicle market, to promote the new energy automotive industry from "quantity" to "quality", promote key industries towards the end of the meeting to become.
Especially in terms of power battery. Since 2015, the lithium battery industry chain to achieve explosive growth, and become the most densely populated areas of listed companies. But compared with the international lithium battery giant, such as Li, Samsung, LG, the domestic enterprises in terms of battery performance, energy density, etc. there are still not a small gap. The meeting pointed out that to speed up the realization of a revolutionary breakthrough power battery. Promote small and medium enterprises, universities, research institutes, such as the formation of collaborative research, open sharing of power battery innovation platform, in key materials, battery systems and other common, basic technology research and development focus on force. Central finance to take the award on behalf of the way, according to the power battery performance, sales and other indicators of the enterprise to give incentives.
In the promotion of new energy vehicles, charging facilities as a new energy vehicles to promote the last mile is still highly valued. The meeting pointed out, to accelerate the charging infrastructure construction, clear responsibilities and rights of local government, owners, developers, property and power grid enterprises, promote the implementation of residential and government organs, enterprises and institutions, the airport area and other social parking lot charging facilities construction. Use of the central budget for investment and distribution network special financial bonds and other supporting facilities around the building, to encourage local to establish a benchmark for the amount of the incentive subsidy policy, charge service fee waiver.
In order to speed up the promotion of new energy vehicles, the meeting also stressed the need to expand the city bus, taxi, sanitation, logistics and other fields of application of new energy vehicle proportion, the central state organs, promote the application of new energy vehicles in the city government departments and public institutions to buy new energy vehicles equipped with updated accounting for the proportion of total vehicles, from the previous 30% to more than 50%. Government procurement of new energy vehicles attention, will further strengthen the demonstration effect of new energy vehicles.
Policy support efforts continue to increase
Since last year, the executive meeting of the State Council has repeatedly referred to the new energy vehicles, clearly support the development of the industry. The State Council executive meeting held in September 23rd of last year, to speed up the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and city parking lot construction, broaden access, encourage private capital to the PPP investment, such as participation, and increase the support of Taxation, finance, land, price policy; the State Council executive meeting in September 29th decided to support the development of small cars and new energy measures to promote structural adjustment, expanding domestic demand, improve the supporting policies to support new energy vehicles, power battery, fuel cell vehicles such as R & D, carry out intelligent vehicle demonstration pilot network.
Since then, many ministries and local governments have introduced policies and measures to support the development of new energy automotive industry. "On accelerating the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure guidance" in October 9th last year, to accelerate the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. According to the new energy automotive industry development roadmap for the next ten years, by 2025, China's new energy vehicles annual sales volume will reach 20% of the total demand for the automotive market, independent new energy automotive market share of more than 80%. "Guidelines for the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (2015-2020)" made it clear that by 2020, the country will add a centralized charging station 12 thousand, charging pile 4 million 800 thousand decentralized, in order to meet the demand of 5 million electric vehicle charging.
Bohai Securities pointed out that the executive meeting of the State Council to set the tone for the development of new energy vehicles, and as an important starting point to cultivate new energy and new economic development important content. At present, the new energy vehicles have entered into the market from the incubation period. January production and sales has been a significant decline in the phenomenon has aroused great concern from the government, policy support is expected to continue to increase. At the same time, the intelligent network is expected to become an important development direction of automobile industry, will continue to overweight for the new energy automotive industry long-term healthy and orderly and rapid development to lay the foundation of policy.
Boost market confidence
2016, the new energy automotive market can be described as a start disadvantage. According to the Ministry of industry data, according to the motor vehicle vehicle factory certification statistics, in January, 16 thousand and 100 new energy vehicles, an increase of 144%, but a substantial decline in the chain last December 99 thousand and 800. According to the statistics of the national passenger car market information will be released in January, the new energy passenger car sales reached 13748 vehicles, an increase of 1.8 times, in December year on year 37 thousand sales fell 63%.
Galaxy Securities pointed out that the 2016 decline in the level of subsidies will have a certain impact on the production and sales in the first quarter. High growth in the fourth quarter of 2015, a certain degree of local government subsidies and standard pressure to catch the "last train" as a result, the pressure of the looming pile up in excess of requirement.
Earlier this year, the Ministry of industry and equipment industry secretary Zhang Xiangmu said that China in the field of three yuan lithium batteries started late, the product for the safety of the development and verification of passenger cars is not enough. The letter

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