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Energy storage heavy policy ground lead carbon batteries and lithium batteries are optimistic

 The National Energy Bureau in June 7th issued "on the promotion of electric energy in power assisted Services North Region compensation (market) Notice of pilot work mechanism" (national energy regulation No. [2016]164), the document is in March this year, the Bureau of energy market supervision department of the drafting of the "National Energy Bureau on electrical energy storage in auxiliary service north region peak notice (Draft)" final landing version of the document is the first of the year on a substantial support policy of the storage industry, the introduction of time than expected, and the content of the draft is more detailed and perfect, to encourage a broader range of applications.

1 the document made it clear that the electric energy storage facilities participate in the main position of the power auxiliary service market and the electricity tariff compensation / settlement mechanism, to accelerate the domestic various types of commercial energy storage application market is significant;

The biggest highlight of the policy of "notice" is clearly the power storage facilities of the independent market main body status, policies and regulations: whether it is in the power generation side or the user side of the building electrical energy storage facilities, can be used as independent market entities, or joint participation and power generation enterprises, peak FM and other ancillary services market. (this point is not clearly presented in the March draft).

In addition, the "notice" also made clear: for the power generation side of the building energy storage facilities, discharge is equivalent to the power plant power generation, according to the power plant related contract price settlement". The provision for wind energy, photovoltaic power plant configuration storage facilities to improve the power to provide a clear legal basis. For the electric energy storage facilities "charging power can execute catalog price construction at the user side, can also be involved in the direct trading of power to purchase low power, discharge power can use, but also can be regarded as the distributed power supply to nearby power users to sell". The user side can be stored in addition to the enterprise internal peak valley price difference arbitrage, with more to improve the use rate, reduce the payback period of the business application model.

2 policy under the background of the electricity reform, we repeatedly put forward the degree of power market will open a huge energy storage market, the point of view:

According to overseas experience, the higher the degree of market power, energy storage facilities are also more commercial mode, the potential market is bigger, the "notice" in the Energy Bureau internal comments within 3 months officially released, one hand reflects the power to change our country speed than expected, on the other on the one hand also confirms the view we have been emphasized: inspired by the power to change our country energy and the Internet to promote the construction of the "new" investment demand, there will be a large proportion to the construction of electric energy storage facilities.

3 promising lead carbon batteries and lithium battery energy storage systems in the power assisted services market applications explosive growth:

In the present optional electrical energy storage technology, we present the most promising lead carbon battery storage cost, unit investment 1200 yuan /kWh and 0.5 yuan /kWh charge and discharge of electricity costs so that it can achieve profitability without any subsidies in many applications. To industrial and commercial users only used for price difference arbitrage estimates, when the peak valley price difference of more than 0.8 yuan /kWh, non leveraged investment payback period can be as low as 5 years, if we consider the additional revenue saving capacity costs and power demand response participation service support the investment recovery period will be more short.

Although the cost of lithium storage is still significantly higher than lead carbon, but due to its high energy density and high rate discharge capacity advantage, in some applications, such as the need for high rate discharge "second / minute FM service", or to the equipment area sensitive business / resident storage can the market still has an irreplaceable advantage.

In addition, such as liquid flow battery, compressed air and other electrical energy storage technology, due to the cost or the reasons for the maturity of the technology, it may be in a long time is still unable to achieve large-scale commercial applications.

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