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On the shoulders of giants strong constant strong column industry leader

A large group of companies' background, the complementary advantages of Connaught Department partners. "
With advanced production technology, strict production and inspection process
Legacy quality service, high quality sales network
Within five years to become a leader in the industry
Heng Qiang strong, xinnuoli is not only the leader of the traditional lead-acid battery industry
Will become a more extensive world of new power producers

Zhejiang Noblelift Holdings Limited

Zhejiang Noblelift Holdings Co., Ltd. is located in Taihu of Zhejiang Province, Changxing County economic and Technological Development Zone, belongs to Zhejiang Connaught machinery Limited by Share Ltd is a global logistics machinery manufacturing enterprises enjoy high reputation, the company hydraulic truck sales ranked the world's products, won the "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "China brand" and "national high tech enterprise" title.
2006, enterprises involved in power batteries and new energy products R & D and manufacturing industry. In 2008, through the reorganization of assets holding a number of battery manufacturing enterprises, the establishment of the Changxin Noblelift Power Company Limited, Shandong nuoli Amperex Technology Limited, Changxin power supply company and vigorously new mailbox Connaught Energy Power Research Institute, has become the enterprise power battery production and new product development in the main source of energy. In 2016, the establishment of Changxin Connaught billion Amperex Technology Limited, as the new Connaught battery national sales service integration center, is a professional sales platform for domestic and foreign power Connaught electric bicycle batteries and other power batteries.

Changxin Noblelift Power Co. Ltd.

Changxin Noblelift Power Co. Ltd., located in Zhejiang Province, Changxing County Huaxi Street emerging industrial park, a total investment of 1 billion 300 million yuan, covers an area of 600 mu, building area of 200 thousand square meters, is a large enterprise focusing on new energy production, research and development, under the jurisdiction of a wholly owned subsidiary of Changxin new power to limited, Shandong nuoli Amperex Technology Limited. Enterprise specializing in the production of electric vehicles with power batteries, energy storage batteries, high power and large capacity industrial vehicle power batteries and other areas. The company since its establishment, relying on strong financial holding company and brand advantages, "integrity, perseverance nowlis inheritance ascend and innovative" spirit of enterprise, "the people as the bosom, excellence" management of the road, the world's most advanced production equipment, gathered in the domestic battery industry outstanding technical talent, after several years of struggling to work hard, the rapid rise in the same industry in the domestic production of "new Connaught" brand battery because of quality, fast service has become a hot pursuit of the consumer. At present, the annual production capacity of the valve regulated lead-acid battery has reached 2 million 400 thousand KVAh.

Changxin Amperex Technology Limited

Changxin Connaught billion Amperex Technology Limited, as the "new Connaught" battery at home and abroad sales platform and service center, has a strong sales team, and the establishment of electric bicycle sales and service integration and marketing channel network in china. Companies adhering to the strength of survival, reputation and development of business philosophy, in good faith management, mutual benefit and common development as the principle, is willing to provide our new and old customers with better quality, more professional services.

Shandong Amperex Technology Limited

Shandong nuoli Amperex Technology Limited, located in Kyushu thoroughfare of Confucius and Mencius in Shandong Economic Development Zone of Yanzhou Province, is currently the largest domestic battery production base. Enterprise covers an area of 150 acres, net assets of 70 million yuan, 1500 employees. The company has the most advanced plate production line 128, all kinds of production and inspection equipment, more than 1000 sets (sets), the production of various specifications of the plate 60 thousand sets of. The company continued to plate manufacturing process and materials research and development, to maintain sustained innovation ability, by virtue of the plate with independent intellectual property rights of the manufacturing of key technologies, produce the most high-quality battery plates. Company's products for the domestic production of a number of large battery manufacturers to provide matching, the battery is the first choice for high-end products, products in short supply.

Study on high power Connaught

The study to build a high energy Connaught Changxin Noblelift Power Co. Ltd. in cooperation with the Harbin Institute of Technology, the Institute is dedicated to scientific research institutions to develop new energy products and power supply technology. The Institute invited a dozen domestic and foreign chemical power supply, the power sector physics and materials science well-known experts and scholars as technical adviser, to set up electric vehicle (EV) with a capacity of lead-acid battery, large capacity, high power traction battery for wind energy and solar energy supporting gel lead acid storage battery, research and using LiFePO4 as cathode material the polymer lithium ion battery etc.. The Research Institute of science and technology innovation ability to achieve rapid development of new energy sources to provide a solid technical support.